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A dating site for non-traditional followers of the Hebrew faith

LostSparks was created by and for those who often find themselves on the fringes of Jewish society. We’re believers who may not fit in with traditional Jewish communities. Perhaps, it’s because we took an unorthodox path to Judaism. Perhaps, we’re not accepted as being “real” Jews, or maybe, we’re not Jewish enough. Maybe, we’re not Jewish at all, but we still follow the Hebrew belief. 

When it comes to dating and marriage, we often find ourselves between a rock and a hard place. We want to marry someone who shares our beliefs and lifestyle, but our background, knowledge, ethnicity, and/or non-Jewishness keeps us from finding a match in the traditional Jewish world. So, we’re here to help. gathers single, Hebrew souls from across the country, making the search for your soulmate just a little bit easier.

Who should join LostSparks?


You discovered the Hebrew faith, and it just felt like home. So you decided to make it official and join the tribe.

Lost Tribes

You’re a descendant of one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. You’ve lost most if not all of your identity and connection to Israel, yet you are certain of your Israelite heritage…even if you can’t prove it.

Chasidic Gentiles

You found your home in the Hebrew faith and by all respects resemble a Member of the Tribe, but you haven’t made it official. Maybe one day. Maybe not.

Bnei Noach

You follow the seven Noahide laws of the Hebrew faith (to the exclusion of all other faiths) but don’t feel compelled to convert – officially or “unofficially.” promotes diversity and unity within the Hebrew faith. 

We encourage people of all races and ethnicities to join our site, and we welcome believers from all branches of the Hebrew faith.*

* is an exclusive dating site for followers of the Hebrew faith. The Hebrew faith is based in the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, alone and does NOT include the New Testament. 

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